Friday, March 6, 2009

A quick update

Hey and hi and thanks to all who've visited the site this week. The response has been amazing and much appreciated.

In answer to a question I've gotten a few times, I'll be adding a new blog each Sunday morning. Just a little something fun to go along with reading your Sunday paper and gearing yourself up for the week to come.

Cheers and thanks again!


  1. Mrs. Coach I love your posts...but why did you decide to leave floswimming? I love floswimming and I love your posts...why can't they go together anymore?

  2. Thanks, Anonymous, but please, there's no heavy drama here! You can still love us both!

    Floswimming does a great job with the direction that it's headed, and they're a business that has to focus on what it does best. They only have so much energy and bandwidth without their focus getting too diluted (pardon the water pun). I am only doing this for fun and to skim off a little excess brain energy. Please continue to support them and know that there are absolutely no bad vibes from this end.


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