Sunday, October 4, 2009

Coaching Girls vs. Boys, Round 3

Here is an anecdote which I think pretty much says it all about the sports-based differences between girls and boys. (You may recall this is a topic I have plumbed before, and those two blogs – here and here – are the ones that people return to most often on this site, according to my site traffic reports. Go figure.)

Anyway, the anecdote: Mr. Coach came home the other evening, proud to report that he had beat up good on the team that day. In fact he had beat up on them so good that afterwards, he said, he found one of the guys sitting in the shower eating an ear of corn.

Now a guy might read that and say, “Mmm, corn on the cob, that’s a good idea.”

Whereas a girl -- which is what I am -- would hear it and say, “People eat in the shower!?”

And a girl like me would be even more stunned to hear Mr. Coach reply, “Yeah. Guys eat in the shower all the time. What do girls do?”

To which I said, “Shower?”

And even that isn’t exactly true because -- and ladies, feel free to back me up on this -- a lot of women don’t shower in public after their athletic workouts. They will go home to their dorms, apartments or houses with that flesh-eating layer of chlorine or grime on their skin and shower up in private. And even if you do shower in public, there’s not a whole lot of social interaction that occurs. Women may be champs at multi-tasking, but in the shower, we tend to be very purpose-driven.

But apparently there’s a whole other branch of the food-service industry going on in men’s showers. Now I knew about chairs being dragged in, because I had heard about that years ago (again, never seen it happen in a women’s shower and probably never will), but I never realized the chairs are sometimes there to accommodate food consumption.

But corn on the cob? Now, to be fair, Mr. Coach said that was a first for him, too. Usually, he says, it’s things like apples, bananas and granola bars, but an ear of corn is a food choice he applauds (mostly because he really likes corn, too).

However I hear that and I’m thinking this wasn’t like a random “open the fridge and eat the first thing you see” food choice. This took planning. And transportation. And then storage for a few hours in -- what? A locker that hasn’t been disinfected since the Roosevelt administration. The first one.

So to sum things up here:

Girl + shower + corn on the cob = No. Just no.

Guy + shower + corn on the cob = Where can I get me some of that?


  1. I can say that high school, post-swimming showering just never occurred. College synchronized swim team showering occurred and started to include socializing. Post-school, well into adulthood, post-masters swim workout socializing in the shower (sorry, just didn't want to bother with all the hyphens)is a major part of the enjoyment of masters swimming: there is a great deal of gossiping, chatting, catching up while in the shower. But EATING in the shower? Really? I'm not sure I believe this. Really? Eating in the shower? Pulling up a chair? I think you are making this up.

  2. It really happens. I have even seen homecoming tailgate parties get started in the post-practice shower.

  3. See? Another one of them admitted it! And they wonder why women live longer....

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  5. Anon 9:36 -- I appreciate your reading the blog and taking the time to leave a comment, but I'm trying to keep things here on a level that I would feel comfortable letting my kids read so I hope you understand why I had to delete that. However, your observation that eating in the showers is totally Roman is spot on!


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